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Mystic Botany by FabianMoonwillo Mystic Botany by FabianMoonwillo
So I made this for Seventh Sanctum's Contest. It is Mystic Botany. Here are the plants:

The large purple tree: A Purpura Tree. It's tiny fruit (smaller than the average grape) is bio-luminescent, and can change the natural colors of things, and also occasionally give them bio-luminessence, i.e., the strange colored bird and luminecsent butterfly. It also always has an ingrown pentagram, and casts a calming aura, making it a useful place to meditate.

The vines wrapping around it's trunk: R'ishney vines. They are like kudzu on steriods. They can grow 18 feet in a day. Fortunately, the calming aura of a Purpura Tree stops them in their tracks.

The flowered vines are called Farot Vines. They take their energy from the tree, and siphon away all nutrients from it as well. However, the tree also benefits from them, as they ward off harmful insects.

The small levitating mushroom: A Yufarok. They come in many colors, and act just like regular mushrooms, except, they grow roots, which give off a sticky substance, and have a habit of levitating at a random time, with the sticky roots keeping some dirt. They are originally South American, but have since then spread across all 6 plant-stable continents. They will usually replant somewhere nearby, but can go for long distances without replanting. One even made it all across the Atlantic ocean. When growing conditions are right (Very wet and Dark) in some areas, you may notice several yufaroks zooming about.

The small row of different colored flowers: Chiyung Flowers. These are found throughout the continent of Asia, and a few have made it into Europe. These are usually found in groups of four. They change colors, and never match a nearby flower. No one really knows what happens if they do, but we do know that when one farmer tried to grow 34839 together, there were several explosions about the size of Cincinnati.

The large red mushroom: A toadstool. This mystic mushroom is the same as the rest of the toadstools, it's just large. Really, Really, Large.

The small purple mushrooms: Luminactos. Bio-luminecsent purple and limegreen mushrooms. Although most botanical gardens sought after them, they were illegalized soon after they found that they are more addicive than weed, crack, heroin, nicotine, LSD, and Meth combined.

The pink hanging vines: T'lilili vines. They grow in caves and have glowing orbs at their tips.

I am tired so I have no idea what the other plants are. You tell me.
ArcticMoonrise Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2012
Amazing. Nice descriptions!! Okay, here's one that you didn't label for an idea:
The blue and blue leafed vine: Pyrona are blue vines with lighter blue leaves. The leaves explode at random times. If they (rarely) explode together, they can create huge explosions. The vines sing when the leaves explode. They used to grow underwater in the deepest of deep places, but have somehow found their way onto land.

I entered the contest... Mine sucks. :(
FabianMoonwillo Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2012
Oh, cool description! I like it! :D
Xenophilia-Topaza Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am impressed with your descriptions - all the plants are very cool sounding!
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